Monday, 2 December 2013

The success of content marketing through social networks

The ultimate goal of all content writers is to reach the widest possible audience. With the emergence of social networks , the scope was expanded .

Facebook says it has 665 million active users each day on average. Total Facebook accounts in Nov 2013 reached more than 1120 million.

Google Plus 540M active users and Google says a 54% increase in the number of users . Although it requires a lot of catching even compete with Facebook, but that big G has more tech savvy and people with a high level of knowledge in all disciplines , is as important as Facebook .

So if you are ignoring the marketing strategy for social media content, you are missing an important piece to the success of your blog.

When a piece of paper, the main purpose is to be shared , linked to and get to the pool of readers and hopes that these actions are organic is written. People willingly share their products by making your blog viral and drive traffic and sales on your blog.

How to Market your content through social media?


1- Building a brand

The first step toward the successful use of social media as a marketing strategy is to build its reputation content. Yes, your status will force others to read what you share and return to action. A brand themselves is important.
Let's look at an example . If you share content on Facebook somewhere and has been an active participant in discussions and group meeting places , people will surely follow the link . The case is different for those who fall into a link and forget .

So how you can establish yourself as a brand?

The answer is through the participation of their connections , actively participating in the discussions and get in touch with people around you . This will take some time. Social media such as LinkedIn explicitly emphasizes active members in any group . I personally realized that I have more connection requests when active in the discussions.

There are people who join have to pay , but the people you are joined those who are willing to have a relationship with you . These people will be eager for your items and re -share when they find something useful. These are your true and faithful readers.

2- Creating useful content

This is as simple and plain - Content is king. If you want your items to be shared, your content has to be. Poor content could get read but never bring participation in social media. If anyone finds them useful article, referring to his audience and a broader scope is obtained.

3- Your Presentation Skills

So you refused social media links and hope for the actions and tastes and traffic to your blog? Maybe you will not benefit. How to configure the content on social media will be the determining factor. Nobody realized how and what you have in your articles and the depth of understanding that is about it, unless they are on your blog and read. And to attract people to your blog, give them something first hand. Catchy titles with a brief (and better) descriptions of matter, establishing a contextual box will surely work.

It has been observed that when an image is attached with a link, attract three times more readers and there is a 32% chance of re-actions and tastes.

4-Choose your audience

You participate with bad public? If so, then you are surely wasting your time and your strategy for social media content marketing will not work. These are people who are specifically interested in your niche market that benefits you. If you share an article on search engine optimization in a band called "Cars", you are probably wasting your time.

The problem is how to choose the right audience.
Eventually people to connect with you on their behalf. But first, you need to give time to study what people are talking about and see what kind of content they share. Find people with the same interests as yours, and then / add to build your audience.

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