Friday, 15 August 2014

7 SEO Tips Every Website Owner Should Know

Guest Post 
By: Tanya Schenck specializes in content writing

Over the last few years savvy business owners and entrepreneurs of various levels have been

working together for business purposes. Online marketing has an overwhelming presence of

SEO marketing and blogging. Let us check out 7 SEO tips which every website owner should know.

1. Identify your website visitors and create a top quality site for them: Many people make

the mistake of putting a website for them and they focus on themselves and their company. A

website should have self promotion as one of its objectives. But a website visitor does not bother

about your business or site as much as he cares about himself. Website visitors have their own

requirements and they visit various websites looking for a solution to their problems. In such a

context, a website owner should know who his primary visitors are. He should also try to know

them well and make an attempt to know what they will want to see in the website. A site owner

should mainly consider the following facts- where the visitors come from, do they click a link

from another website, do they search in Google etc. Using this information a website owner

should create high quality content on his site.

2. Create quality content with images and copy: Website visitors normally do not have the

time and patience to read a long body of text. They just want to skim through the site and get the

required information in a less span of time. They want to see pictures, have a glance at headlines

and judge the site and the content in it. Therefore, a website owner should make conscious

efforts to put in a healthy combination of text and images. It will fetch him a large number of serious visitors.

3. Monitor your competition for new ideas and strategies: Once you own a website and you

enter the business scene, you need to have a competitive spirit in order to be active in business.

You need to keep your eyes literally and metaphorically open and see what strategies and plans

your competitors are using because you may have to adopt some of them to sustain your place in

business. As a website owner, you must be sure that you are spending your time and money in

the right direction and in the right places.

4. Analyze your visitors and conversions: Website owners should have some tracking

software. Google analytic is free and is highly useful tracking software. Site owners will be

able to track almost everything about their visitors through Analytics. It is essential for the

site owners to track visitors’ daily or monthly visits, bounce rate, average visit duration, pages

per visit etc. Setting up conversion tracking also will be helpful for the owners to know which

traffic sources bring them the most conversions. These measures will help the website owners to

optimize the ones with less conversion and improve their sites’ capacity.

5. Write interesting and informative content in your blog: In the field of SEO Google wants

website owners and bloggers to have fresh content regularly. It also has complex algorithms to

determine the quality of works in various sites and blogs. Since top quality content gets higher

ranking in search engines and draw larger traffic, every website owner should aim at putting

interesting and informative content on his site.

6. Make use of video and rich imagery to raise your standard: Professional high resolution

images will definitely attract more visitors and comments on your posts. Video is one of the best

ways to reach out to a large audience. Depending upon your budget you can upload videos of

different make. Comprehension will be more effective and faster with the help of images and video

7. Combine SEO and PPC advertising to attract more visitors: A website owner should

supplement his site with other sources namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per

Click (PPC) advertising. These techniques are, in fact, essential to keep the site owner very much

in track of business. It is crucial for website owners to regularly update the SEO side of things

and connect with other bloggers and industry leaders in the field.

About the Author:

Tanya Schenck specializes in content writing and works for ethics essay paper writing service,

a writing service with a passion of helping out the students with their writing excellence and

ability. In her spare time she read novels and writes for different blogs.


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