Monday, 2 December 2013

Basic On Page Seo Tips For Blogspot blogs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important language to learn for a better experience blogging thing. Without proper optimization blog, we can not even dream of getting incredible traffic from search engines. In these days, I'm too much demand from beginners to share some tips on page SEO bloggers. So today, I have the intention to mention all the SEO tips I shared on my blog page in my previous posts. Sorry if you read these posts before, but I have to draw the attention of new bloggers who are just learning SEO for your blog. All these tips are must know by all bloggers. So let's look at the top tips on page SEO for Blogspot blogs and if you've read before, so do not ignore this message. Maybe you have learned something new that you know before for any reason.


Tips On page search engine optimization for Blogspot

These are the tips that will be beneficial for you to optimize your website for Google and other search engines. Read them carefully and apply all your blog to make your blog friendly and trusted by the search engines.

Custom Robot Head Tags

There are some parameters for bloggers who can do personally in their blogs to their blogs for SEO friendly. Head Tags tracker placed in one of them. This will be beneficial for you to use custom tags correctly headed robots. It is easy to manage these settings. Just take a look below tutorial.

check : robots Tags Head Configuration in Blogger

custom robots.txt

The robots of search engines like Googlebot (Google Web Crawling robot) need some guidelines on how to crawl and index your blog. We can not prevent certain pages of major labels pages indexed in Google to protect our problems with duplicate content on the blog. I was confused? Find below tutorial that will erase all your confusions.

Optimize Blog Post Titles

If you just started your blog at blogger default template, then certainly you will not be aware of the fact that their job titles are not optimized properly for the search engines. You must make some changes to your blog template to make your titles work properly optimized. You will see a noticeable change in the organic traffic to your blog after this change.

Image Optimization

Of course you may have noticed relevant images from posts on various blogs. The images not only enhance the appearance of our content, but also plays an important role in optimizing our function blog posts. If we make effective use of the images on our blog, we can get more traffic from search engines.

Search Engine Submission

When we are ready with our blog optimization, then we have to submit our blog in Google webmaster tool. Audit and submit our blog in the Google webmaster tool helps Google indexing super fast. Also speaks to our concerns blog as broken links, HTML, etc. of the improvements that we must try to solve. We just have to check our blog property and send a Sitemap. That's it. If you have not added your blog GWT, then you need to read the tutorial below.

Improve your blog loaded on

If your blog takes a long time, so visitors can go and never come back. The speed of your blog will increase bounce and lose valuable traffic. Search engines give more value to load faster blogs because they want to build the best user experience. This is why it is very important to optimize the loading time of blog. I've shared some tips that can help improve the loading speed of your blog.

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