Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Face book Images?

There are millions of Facebook fan pages with thousands of niche related and not everyone is successful in driving traffic to a blog or website. Bloggers (me too: P) used to make links where messages to update the fan page.

But, do you think the update page will help you achieve your goal of getting traffic from facebook? If you think so, then I'm sorry to hurt your feelings. This is not working.
While working on my fan page on Facebook, I only know a secret trick that can increase visitors to our blog. Learn what is special today.
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Increase visitors to your blog

Without taking too much of your time, we arrive directly at the subject. In one of my previous posts about getting traffic from Google Plus, I mentioned that the display of images as it is useful to attract the widest audience. This concept works everywhere or share images on Google plus, facebook or any other platform where you can share your animals.

Just place these images in facebook fan page that you can get a decent action. See how images assignment should help you get visitors to your website.

Step by Step Tutorial

Here are some simple steps that we must take action. Follow them and see how you can easily learn how to get more website traffic.

1-Select an image that relates to your niche. Funny pictures or related humor works very well.
2-Put them on your facebook fan page and write a cool description.
3-Remember: Do not place any link there. This is not the right time to promote links, Just Wait!
4-Try to get the maximum number of shares, likes and comments on this blog as much as possible. Do what you can do to promote this image. Ask your friends to share and comment. This way, you can get the maximum number of shares. Maximum number of shares you get, the more opportunities will be to get more traffic to your blog.
5-Once you have enough capital, it's time to play for our own benefit. Just click on the image and select Edit options on the right

6-Now add your blog intelligently link in the description that relates to this same image. (Add game will give you more traffic) and press the Done editing.

7-After saving your changes, your link will begin to appear in the timeline of each person sharing your image. This means your link will now also appear in their friends and chances are higher to get more readers.

Points to take care

You need the maximum number of shares on the images to make the most of this trick.
Do not put unrelated links. Fewer people click this link.
Please do not spam. Use this trick to a good purpose.
The most important: Enjoy free promotion

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