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How To Do Social Bookmarking For Seo

SEO companies and firms charge dollars for professional SEO services to their clients and customers happy because they get paid effective results. Why do these people pay dollars for the company if they themselves can learn SEO by reading online tutorials and practice on them? The reason behind this is that if perfect search engine optimization can make your website ranking and then more bad SEO can ruin your entire blog. That's why it is a better option to invest money in optimizing your blog. This investment will give you several times the benefits and your online business will grow. These companies work in many strategies to optimize a website to take the top in the search engines, and now, in this post I will talk about one of the best strategies for SEO is that SEO Social Bookmarking site falls.

Most novice bloggers who start learning SEO reading online tutorials do not include this SEO strategy plans for the following reasons.
They are not aware of social bookmarking.
They have a good understanding of how to SEO.
They feel like a waste of time to send links to various social bookmarking sites.
Whatever the reason, but we should not ignore the social bookmarking blog for better optimization. Today, in this post we will discuss what is social bookmarking, how SEO works and what are its benefits.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a way to make your web pages read favorite online anytime and anywhere if we are connected to the Internet.

Why is Social Bookmarking ?

When we browse the Internet for information , we Favorites certain websites in your browser so that we can read them later without surfing the Internet again.

But for some reason , if we are repressed browser or our system is formatted or if we are not in front of the computer where we store our benchmark so they can not access it .

We return to browse the Internet to find these pages. To overcome this problem is social bookmarking . Now we can use our bookmarks easily from anywhere using any computer connected to the Internet.

How Social Bookmarking helps in SEO?

Websites we starred in social bookmarking sites is considered in the eyes of the search engines a backlink quality .

And we all know that quality backlinks able to increase blog traffic and Google Page Rank. That's why SEO professionals include SB in their practices for search engine optimization .

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How to do Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Make SB is not a difficult task. Everyone can do after learning.
You must first make a list of the best social bookmarking sites that you can easily start your work on them. You can use this list of social bookmarking to start the process.
Once you are ready to list, follow these steps to SB.
In this tutorial, I will take an example of a very famous site SB say

1-Go to
2-Create an account or you can also login with your Facebook account.
3-Now click the small down arrow with your username in the upper right corner and select Add Page.
4-Now fill a simple form with the appropriate information on their website as the address of the web page, category, keywords, etc, and click Add button on the page.

5- You are done.

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