Saturday, 7 December 2013

Trick:How You Can Learn Seo Through Facebook

We are all here in the field of blogging, where social media is a corresponding lever on the success of our blogs. You can not order your blogging goals without having to build a powerful network . In one of our previous posts , we talked about how we can become a machine networking and blogs for the sole purpose of this post is to show you the power of relationships - a network.

If you are part of a huge network where everyone is willing to participate in the discussion , ready to help others then your aim of joining this network will be easily met . Today I will explain how you can easily learn SEO (search engine optimization) , SMM ( Social Media Marketing) and all they want to learn. You can easily get a solution to your problem in this particular area , as part of a powerful network .
But how to build a network of this type ? Here we use Facebook . Yes ! You heard right .
Today , I will share will certainly help answer your SEO questions and the good news is that you do not have to pay a penny for that.
We will apply the  formula to use Facebook as a free resource for learning SEO. Start :)

1-Create a new facebook profile. You can use your personal account too, but then you need to change your name. So it is better to create a new profile. It will only take 5 minutes.
2-Fill in all the details and make your profile as a profile of an SEO guy.
3-Choose a name and put "SEO" at the end of it. Therefore, your name will look like "Seo Ankit"
4-Now do a search on facebook for people who have "SEO" at the end of your name image
5-Send a friend request a few. Not send friend requests too much otherwise your account will be banned.
6-After a few days you will notice that people want to connect. They send friend request and you are ready to build your trusted network of all SEO guys.
7-Now you can ask questions, put your problems in front of them and they will surely give you the best possible solution. (Free of cost;))

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